Monday, July 25, 2005

Something Happened in Bali ( 발리에서 생긴 일 )

Jung Jae-min (Jo In-sung) is the heir of a company, and had been pampered by his mom since he was born. He has had countless of scandals in the newspaper and is told that he must marry (by his parents) Choi Young-joo (Park Ye-jin) (who is also from wealth). Jae-min agrees to marry Young-joo, but does not acknowledge her as a "wife." However Young-joo is miserable and does not want to wed Jae-min. She goes off to Jakarta to see the man she once loved and still can't seem to forget, Kang In-wook (Soh Ji-sub). However, due to his background, Young-ju knew that they could never be together.

In Jakarta she meets In-wook and he is surprised. Jae-min finds out about Young-joo going to Jakarta alone, and goes on a plane to go there. Jae-min meets Young-ju and In-wook in Bali, and figures out that In-wook is probably Young-ju's old flame. The three go on a tour, and they meet the spunky tour guide, Lee Soo-jung (Ha Ji-won). Soo-jung feels the tension between the three people, and finds In-wook attractive and thinks he is the son of a rich family. However, she learns that Jae-min is from wealth, and not In-wook. Later, Soo-jung learns that she was jilted by her boss who fled to Korea.

Jae-min and In-wook get into a fight, making Young-joo go back to Korea first. Jae-min later goes back to Korea. Coincidentally, In-wook gets called back to Korea for work, and Soo-jung in hopes finding her boss and getting her hard earned money back! After the odd encounter in Bali, all four meet up again in Korea...but this time In-wook and Jae-min won't be fighting over Young-joo...Soo-jung's pitiful life and sadness moves In-wook's heart, in hopes to give her a better one. Soo-jung's will to get out of poverty at the cost of any means and ignorance of the luxurious life catches the attention of Jae-min.

Genre(s) : Drama, Comedy
Starring : Ha Ji-won, Soh Ji-sup, Jo In-sung, Park Ye-jin
Distribution : SBS
Broadcasting dates : 2004/01/03 ~ 2004/03/07
Episodes : 20
Website : ( Korean )
Additional Notes : I enjoy watching this drama, although this drama has a bad ending. But it doesnt mean that it doesnt have an interesting story. If you want to know, how complicates the women in love are, then you must watch this drama =p
My Rating : 8/10

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