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How do you know if there is some new anime or which episode is the latest one ?
The answer is here
This is Bittorrent files. You need a bittorrent client to download it, like Azureus.
Download the bittorrent file and load it in bittorrent client. (problems with bittorrent? google it =p)

Another way to get animes is in IRC. Basically, they released animes in IRC.
Most of them have a website to see where they put their releases in IRC (channel name and server name).
ex: {Anime}_[Lunar] Bleach - 34 [FE4EC16F].avi -->
Lunar is the channel name in IRC. You need to know the "real" channel name and in which server (visit his website link). The real channel name for Lunar is #lunaranime and the server is (see my blog "Manga" in order to know how to connect to IRC)
Now, if you are already in channel, you'll see so many nicks and you need to find the BOT.
Bots serve releases, so you need to download their releases from them.
A bot name is like [Lunar]Lina, they have word [Lunar] in front of the nick.
Next step is to request the list with /msg nick xdcc list. Ex: /msg [Lunar]Lina xdcc list
Final step is to get the file with /msg nick xdcc send #x. Ex : /msg [Lunar]Lina xdcc send #1

Have fun!

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