Friday, June 03, 2005


Some people ask me, where do u get the mangas? The answer is in here
This is a someone's list in IRC with XDCC method, so u need to connect in IRC and get the files.
Now, how can i connect to IRC ?
1. download mIrc from
2. type /server
3. type /j #lurk
4. type /msg Neverwhere xdcc send #x (x is a pack number)
ex: #5 70x [ 40M] --> /msg Neverwhere xdcc send #5

Have fun!

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  1. Blogger Kuri Riyanto posted at 1:57 PM  
    Mas,kok masih ndak bisa ya, di mirc tertulis di servernya .......denied, you must be on a known channel to request a pack. Gimana nih, kasih solusinya dong.Makasih

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